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The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how cleanliness is directly linked to health. That is, whatever the environment, from hospitals to business corporations, it is essential to maintain hygiene. However, there is not always time or resources for a deep cleaning to be carried out frequently. Therefore, it is interesting to address strategic office cleaning. But how to do it? In this article, SCS Group Integrated Services  gives some tips. Check it out now and maintain the hygiene of your environment!

How to do strategic office cleaning?

1- Organize the office

First, organize the office! How is it possible to do efficient hygiene if the place is messy and cluttered? So it is. So, take pens, books, papers, sticky notes and clips and arrange them in the drawers and relocate them as needed. Make sure they are in the right place and easy to find!

2- First of all, sweep the floor

Now yes, cleaning can begin! Now with the items rearranged and in their proper places, it’s time to get your hands dirty! Our first tip for this part is: sweep the floor. Have you ever heard that floor dirt, when swept up, can rise and stick to surfaces? Because of this, it is important to do this process first. Thus, other steps will not need to be repeated. Cleaning becomes faster and more efficient as a result.

3- Dust off

Dusting the shelves is also essential in strategic cleaning for the office. In a simple way, it helps to avoid the accumulation of dust, avoiding allergies and respiratory diseases. This step cannot be forgotten! Do the following:

  1. remove the books from the shelf and pass a dry flannel on the outside of them;
  2. place the removed volumes on an already clean surface;
  3. no more books, wipe with a cloth with a cleaning product (which must be suitable for the material on the shelf) and wait for it to dry;
  4. put the books back on the shelf.

4- Clean surfaces in general

In addition to shelves, tables, chairs and dressers also need to be cleaned to ensure efficient cleaning of the place. Therefore, remove the objects that are there, wipe both the items and the surfaces with a cloth, and then store them away. Make sure it’s in the right spot!

5- Sanitize the computer

We can’t forget the computer! This is one of the most used and touched surfaces in an office, and it can be an easy factor for contamination and the spread of diseases. After all, it is customary for more than one person to wear the same piece. That way, it’s essential that it be cleaned regularly ! For that:

  1. turn off the device;
  2. wipe the screen with a dry microfiber cloth to improve visibility;
  3. use a little all-purpose cleaner to clean the keyboard and mouse;
  4. run the vacuum cleaner over everything.

6- Organize a cleaning routine

Do you maintain a routine at the company? To ensure better strategic cleaning for the office, it is interesting to put on paper what needs to be cleaned and in what order. Thus, it avoids the need to repeat a process and ensures more efficient hygiene, in addition to speeding up. After all, the person in charge won’t have to wonder what to do next. Just follow what was pre-established!

7- Hire a third-party company

Have you ever thought about hiring a third-party service to ensure that this hygiene is done the right way? Cleaning professionals can help make sure the site is properly sanitized and ready for use. With them, you have the security that the health of your employees will not be at risk. Viruses and bacteria do not proliferate. The chances of disease and other ailments appearing in the area are reduced!

Importance of keeping the office clean

Now, you already know how to do a strategic office cleaning. It is essential, as it helps to optimize and streamline the process, so even with little time available, it is possible to keep the space clean. This is indispensable, as it helps in the well-being of the worker. Ensuring that the site is properly sanitized on a frequent basis prevents:

  • proliferation of diseases in the environment;
  • development of allergies, such as respiratory ones;
  • deterioration of equipment and materials;
  • accidents at work;
  • accumulation of dirt;
  • presence of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Thus, cleaning is responsible for ensuring employee safety and comfort, as well as improving the company’s presentation.

In addition, the Consolidation of Labor Laws also maintains rules regarding medicine and occupational safety. The contracting party has the obligation to guarantee a clean and adequate space for the employees to stay, without posing risks to their health. Disorganization and dirt, for example, are factors that prevent the maintenance of this tranquility.

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