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Light | Do you live outside of Barcelona, ​​have you started renovating your flat or house, and would you like to have the advice of a lighting company with sensitivity and good creative skills, whose experience, coherence, and global spatial vision help you personalize the lighting for the different parts of it?

Some of the clients who come to our lighting studio in Barcelona for help lighting an interior or exterior space reside hundreds/thousands of kilometers from here, whether in other cities, provinces or autonomous communities, or even abroad.

We have thought it convenient to dedicate a blog article to explain the step by step that we follow when we advise on remote lighting, and for this, we are going to use, in addition to explanatory text that we hope will answer many of your questions, several images of an interesting project of remote lighting of a flat in Granada, which we carried out a few months ago.

Can you come with us?

Remote lighting: when distance is not a problem

For our team of lighting specialists, distance is not a handicap when it comes to carrying out complete and exclusive advice on interior or exterior, and when a client from outside Barcelona contacts us, we deploy an operating protocol that after several years of experience doing it, allows us to work in a very resolute and effective way.

Starting from one of the recent advisory projects carried out in a unique and modern home in Granada, we are going to explain how we work (and how we can also help you), when a client from outside Barcelona requests our technical lighting advisory services.

Remote lighting projects: sensitivity, aesthetics and spatial harmony

Often, people with a special sensitivity and aesthetic concern to improve their house or apartment, want to optimally define all the lighting in the space to get the most out of it.

These are customers who seek to go one step further, and based on their preferences and tastes, they want to plan the style of light together with the most suitable models of lamps and spotlights with which to live every day.

Build a personalized environment, with aesthetic and functional coherence, in accordance with the different elements of the home, and in this way generate a harmony that directly influences your comfort and well-being.

Remote lighting of a flat in Granada

Sometimes, these people, even though they are located outside the city of Barcelona, ​​do not for that reason give up hiring the professional services that as a lighting studio specializing in housing we offer both to individuals and to interior designers and architects.

As an example of this, we are going to show you images of the case of a client who lives in the city of Granada, and who, within a project to reform and improve his flat, wanted to incorporate all the optimal lighting systems, for which he sought professional help instead of launching himself or someone he knows without the proper technical knowledge, to do experiments that sometimes result in the most…

Step by step of a remote lighting project

1) Making a portrait lighting project from a distance

To start working on a project of this type, we need to have as much information as possible about the home – such as its dimensions, or whether it is a new build or renovation – as well as the client’s objectives or sensitivity in terms of tastes. decorative, whether they are minimalist, classic or contemporary…

To collect all this information with the greatest comfort for the client, it is investigated using a specific questionnaire that we send.

There are clients who contact us with a very clear idea, and simply seek to capture it visually in some plans. Others, on the contrary, require a piece of more complete lighting advice because they are somewhat more confused.

2) Preparation of a first budget and selection of luminaires

After collecting all the information, we prepare a first budget, which will be based on the square meters of the house as well as the preferences or needs of the client.

  • the plans and the memory of luminaries,
  • renders or virtual images on which we will work,
  • and a selection of lamps that at first sight we propose for that space.

3) Wider acceptance and information

In order to fully customize our work, the budget includes, although it is not always necessary, a visit (physical or virtual) to the construction site, either while the project is underway or at the end of installation.

One of our main premises, and to which we dedicate special effort, is that communication with the client is as fluid as possible, showing the work in a very visual way through plans and images, and avoiding confusing it with excessively technical information.

4) Sending documentation for the execution of the lighting project

This final shipment includes the following:

  • Facility plans.
  • The memory of products and qualities.
  • List of luminaires by room with their technical sheets and accessories.
  • Technical specifications for assembly and installation.
  • Lighting study in rooms that require calculations.
  • Consumption and maintenance audit.
  • Economic budget with the proposed models and brands.

Most of the projects have some variation during the study and presentation, either due to changes in some type of lighting or due to architectural issues.

Avanluce will offer the best available price for the models of lamps and spotlights proposed, and/or comparative – provided that the characteristics and quality of the products do not alter the expected result for the project.

If you have any questions and need clarification, contact us so that our team of lighting consultants can answer your questions.

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