Professional cleaning equipment: which is the best?

Professional cleaning
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The big difference between ordinary and professional cleaning is precisely the utensils used. The truth is that to clean the house, office, condominium, or any other place, we need some specific objects and products. The wrong item can, besides making it difficult, cause damage to the space. Therefore, in today’s article, SCS Group Cleaning Solution brought more about the main professional cleaning equipment. 

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5 best professional cleaning equipment

1 – Broom

You might think that brooms are all the same, but that’s not the case. Being one of the most famous items for professional cleaning equipment, it has a function, but different types. Brooms don’t need presentations and help to remove the “thick” dirt from the floor. When we talk about professional cleaning, we need to pay attention to the type of surface. That’s because wooden floors, for example, require more care. If you use a broom that you used to clean the outside, it can cause scratches, as well as not cleaning properly. Always pay attention to the type of floor and material of the broom. Some models even offer the option of holding the floor cloth in a simple and practical way. 

2 – shovel

Basically, the shovels work together with the brooms, but they can also be made of different materials and sizes. Therefore, it is legal to use the most suitable option for each environment and location. After sweeping surface dirt from an outdoor condo area, you can use a large, corded, metal sweeper. If you’ve just washed the ballroom and want to remove the dirt accumulated in the drain, it’s better to use one more compatible with the size of your hands and made of plastic so as not to cause any type of damage to the floor. 

3 – Mops

Just like the other items on our list, to choose a good duster, you need to check the type of material it will be used on. There are models that lift more dust than help to actually clean. Here at SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we use biodegradable products and our dusters are made from microfiber. Besides not polluting the environment, they are even more cuddly and ideal for furniture and delicate pieces. 

4 – Squeegees

The squeegee is also another well-known professional cleaning equipment. It is versatile and can be used both in houses, apartments, condominiums, gyms, companies, and even hospitals, for example. Its primary function is to remove excess water after washing. Mostly made with wooden handles, they are very resistant and durable. You just have to be careful with the type of floor. The best thing is when the floor is very smooth and without textures and the thick rubbish has already been removed. 

5- Floor clothes

To finish the best professional cleaning equipment, we couldn’t forget the floor clothes. Some people use towels and even old clothes as floor cloth. 

The idea is to have a suitable fabric and a unit for each room in the house. Imagine that you have just cleaned a room. The cloth will definitely be dirty. 

When you pass the same cloth in the next environment, it will only take the dirt from one place to the next. It is also essential that the floor cloth is dry. Damp or poorly sanitized cloths can bring risks of cross-contamination and not doing the correct sanitization. 

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