Learn how to clean the company’s walls

clean the company's walls
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Learn how to clean the company’s walls with SCS Group Integrated Services tips! During cleaning the company walls, some care is needed. That’s because, without them, there may be damage, paint peeling, and stain emergence. In this way, it is essential to ensure qualified hygiene to ensure an excellent result. This is not a simple task! 

In this sense, SCS Group Integrated Services gave some tips. Here we teach you how to clean the company wall. Read and check!

4 steps to clean the company wall

Keeping the wall always clean is an enormous challenge for business administrators. It turns out that it is common for us to put our hands on surfaces and, sometimes; we spill liquids, among other items. Thus, there is always dirt or small stain, making conserving it difficult. Thinking about it, we decided to help you. Below we will show you how to clean the company wall. Look!

1- Analyze the needs of the surface

The first step in wall cleaning is to check its needs. Is the surface a little dirty, is there mold or is there a worse situation? What type of wall and paint did you use? You need to understand this to decide whether the type of cleaning can be light or heavy, for example. To do this, remove all hanging frames, picture frames, and mirrors, and remove excess dust and cobwebs if any.

2- Separate the material

Now, you already know the level of dirt and the need for your wall. The next step, then, is to separate the material that will be used according to the intensity chosen for this cleaning. The materials chosen are soft cloth, sponge, multipurpose, stain remover and degreaser, which may vary depending on the situation.

3- The cleaning

The time has come to effectively clean the company’s walls! For this, already have all the materials by your side. Then, do as shown below:

  • uniformly clean the entire surface with water and multipurpose, using the soft cloth for the application;
  • then rinse;
  • if there are still stains, use the remover or degreaser occasionally. You can use the sponge to apply light pressure to the area.

4- Remove excess product

Finally, after you’ve done the entire cleaning process and the wall is already in place, you can finish. To do so, remove excess product with water and a soft cloth. Then let it dry. 

Caution: only replace the hanging objects (mirrors and pictures) when the wall is completely dry!

Extra: Specific removals

Did you go through the process above, but found that there are still stains on the surface? So, you might be in need of some special help! Here’s what to do in some specific situations:


Are there hand or grease marks on the wall that you need to clean? Don’t be desperate! To resolve this, just use a detergent solution with warm water. Let the product act for a while on-site, then remove it.

pen or pencil

It is not uncommon for an employee to bump into walls and leave pen or pencil marks on the surface. But there is a solution! In that case, just use some solvent (with alcohol or acetone). Apply punctually and then remove the product, and that’s it!


Some people believe that in this situation, just repainting the wall is all right. However, these individuals are mistaken. Painting over it, without solving the problem, only causes it to spread. As a result, other measures are necessary. Here, we will need bleach and ordinary water. Make a mixture with these two ingredients and, with the help of a sponge or sponge, rub the place with mold punctually.

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