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Cleaning work in large places, such as schools, companies, and condominiums, is usually done in groups. Well, it is very complex to fulfill all the tasks with only one employee. The team is assembled to do all the cleaning of the selected space. In the team of employees responsible for cleaning, it is important to have that most experienced person who manages all the employees. But it is important for him to be a good leader to be able to captivate his entire group. Check out this SCS Group Integrated Services article for some tips on how to be a good leader for your team! Read the following content!

What does it mean to be a good team manager?

A good leader is a person who knows how to understand others. There are people who like to command but have an authoritarian posture. This profile can completely demotivate employees. And as a result, it can affect your income on the day of the service provided. This misunderstanding contributes to a decrease in the leader’s morale. Everyone on the team starts not wanting to listen to anything the person in charge is saying.

In this sense, a good leader points to the right path without making heavy criticism. He works closely with the apprentice to develop his skills. In addition, he exercises discipline, patience, commitment, and respect. Finally, a good leader cooperates with his team so that everyone can evolve together. And so, receive the best compliments.

Tips to become a good leader of a cleaning team!

1- Listen to the employees

Listening to employees is excellent for the leader. And good managers know this. Cleanliness is a challenging area. Well, every day at work can be something different. At the time of the weekly meeting with everyone, the leader can ask the team how the day was if they have any tips to share, and some points of attention during the week. This exchange is very important for everyone on the team. Excellent ideas can come out of this chat. It is enough for the leader to know how to conduct the conversation so that all employees feel comfortable debating ideas.

2- Adopt a feedback system

Feedback means the return of information. It is a very used act in large companies. So why not apply this method to cleaning teams? It is good to give answers to the activities carried out. In this way, employees know if they are correctly performing each task. This will stimulate the individual advancement of each one.

3- Get good training

Professionals with little experience need training. You can’t throw a task for them to do without even teaching them. Each cleaning environment has a flow. This needs to be passed on to new employees. A good leader accompanies the evolution of employees. In case, pass some activity without first explaining how it is done, they start to self-sabotage. They question their own ability to do the job. The frequent phrases are: “can I make it?’, “I think I’d better give up so I don’t embarrass myself” and “I was hasty thinking I could make it”. In this sense, be present in your employee’s training. Prepare useful tips for cleaning, have excellent teaching skills, and be patient in all processes. Don’t throw activities for them to do before explaining what it is to do.

4- Highlight the strengths of each employee

After understanding the importance of feedback and good training, it’s time to highlight the strengths of each employee. This can occur while cleaning by saying something positive. Like, for example, “I really like the way you cleaned the glass, it didn’t leave any marks!” or “you are good at cleaning with heavy materials, the area is spotless!” This way, you can motivate the collaborator. Cleaning is difficult and has very difficult days for everyone on the team. Soon, a simple compliment can be transformative.

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