Kitchen cleaning tips: Best Practice

Kitchen cleaning tips
Cropped shot of a woman cleaning a kitchen counter at home

Kitchen cleaning tips

One of the hardest rooms to clean is the kitchen. Want tips to help you with this endeavor? Check out what I separated for you here!

Cleaning the kitchen is one of the most difficult tasks. In it we find several items to sanitize, the grease that decided to plant the flag on your stove and refuses to come out, and other things that we need to pay attention to so that cleaning does not turn into reincarnated chaos.

So, get ready because I’ve separated some practical tips that will make your life easier when cleaning the kitchen! All ready? So let’s go!

Ah, but first of all, do you want a little help to make “A” list of essential cleaning products to have in your house? See here the guide we put together to make your life easier.

Looks like I saw a little plate in the sink, huh?

First of all… is there a small mountain in your sink, better known as the lunch dishes, that you were going to wash but ended up forgetting?

Ideally, the dishes should be washed immediately after use, but if this is not possible, soak them in warm water and, if they are greasy, add a little detergent too. This will help you a lot when the last moment comes!

After washing the dishes, just let them dry in the drainer or advance the process with a dry cloth. By the way, what’s your team? Leave it in the colander or dry it with a cloth?

Dust on furniture? I do not want!

As always, cleaning from the top down is the way to go, preventing dust from falling into the spot where you just cleaned and getting you into an endless circle of cleaning.

So, to remove the dust, use a dry cloth and also a damp cloth to remove stubborn dirt, drying immediately afterward, especially if the furniture is made of wood.

By the way, dear human beings, don’t get carried away with the water, and don’t throw it on the wooden furniture either! As this material absorbs liquids easily, there is a high probability that it will inflate and mold afterward! So, don’t get too emotional when cleaning the furniture!

Clean microwaves and appliances

To clean appliances, first of all, unplug them from the socket, because no one wants to test whether you will get superpowers after a “small” electric shock.

Now, no washing them under the tap. Do this only with parts that are removable and do not have any electronic components, such as the blender jar, microwave glass plate, etc.

Just take a sponge or soft cloth dampened with a little detergent or neutral soap and clean the device, and don’t forget to dry it with a dry cloth. Avoid the electronic part of the device, for this section, use a dry cloth or paper towel.

And attention! No, using more aggressive products, such as steel wool, the green side of the sponge or stronger cleaning materials. Thus, you avoid damaging the devices.

And as always, if you have any concerns about cleaning your device, consult the instruction manual (if you didn’t just throw it away without giving the poor thing a little attention).

Want to become an expert at cleaning your microwave? So look here, because there is an incredible text to help you with this task and tips to remove those bizarre smells that may appear in it.

Clean the stove and fridge

Is the sink empty, are the other appliances and furniture sparkling? So cheer up because we’re already in the final stretch!

I already warned you up there, but I’ll say it again, huh! Before starting, check that everything is unplugged and, if the stove is gas, that it is sealed as well.

So let’s go! For the stove and oven, first, remove the burners and grids, and soak them. This process will make your life easier when cleaning them with running water and soap or neutral detergent.

Start cleaning with a soft sponge dampened with a little soap or neutral detergent. Afterward, just dry everything with a dry cloth. In this case, there is no choice between drying alone or with a cloth, the choice here is always to use a cloth, as you will avoid damaging the device.

For the fridge, we separate amazing tips here to help you clean inside and out.

Make sure the floor is clean and the trash is taken out

It’s already over! Now just get a broom to clean all the dirt and crumbs from the floor, and don’t forget to clean under the fridge and stove, huh! If necessary, use the vacuum cleaner for those hard-to-reach places.

Oh! Does your nylon broom feel like it’s working against you and making the floor even dirtier? So, check out our step-by-step guide here to help you clean the broom.

Afterward, just make a mixture of water and detergent or neutral soap, moisten a clean cloth with the solution, and go over the entire floor. With a damp cloth, remove all excess and finish by passing a dry cloth.

Looking for how to clean every type of floor? Check out our tips here, wh,h will suit you so well right now!

As a final touch, take out the contents of the kitchen bin and clean it with a disinfectant, inside and out.

After cleaning the kitchen, it’s time to enjoy and make that crazy recipe you found on social media! Because if you get something dirty, you’re very keen on how to clean it all up again!!!

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