Keeping a building clean and conserving it: what should you do?

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The warning signs cleaning and caution wet floor in the building and janitorial car parked in back to remind people to walk safely.

The concern with cleanliness and building conservation should not be seen only as a matter of maintaining a beautiful façade. It also prevents problems related to the health and well-being of everyone who frequents the environment. Therefore, a good service of this type guarantees comfort and safety to those who transit in the place, whether they are tenants or guests. With that in mind, SCS Group Integrated Services brought some tips for better cleaning and building conservation. Continue reading and find out!

Why is it important to ensure cleanliness and building conservation?

The benefits of a clean environment are countless and go far beyond aesthetics. Professional cleaning provides safety and promotes health by preventing the spread of diseases to residents.

Having good management of cleaning and building conservation, both in internal and external areas, helps to avoid a series of problems. These can get worse over time and lead to damage in the future that could become financial losses that are difficult to resolve. Some of these disorders include:

  • problems in the building’s structure;
  • leaks;
  • devaluation of the property;
  • proliferation of pests and vectors;
  • increased chance of illness.

How to maintain a good cleaning and building conservation service?

1 – Develop a cleaning schedule

The first step in organizing a building cleaning and maintenance procedure is to develop a schedule. This will include everything necessary to carry out gradual activities, always prioritizing strategic spaces. In the case of condominiums, these include the facade and places where people spend the most time during the day.

In this schedule, the activities and periodicity that must be carried out must be organized. Everything must be very objective and clear so that the service is excellent and without problems.

2 – Pay attention to safety and quality

Safety always comes first! It is extremely important to pay attention to the rules and laws of any service. When this involves height and/or handling chemicals, then this importance is tripled.

Providing protective equipment and good quality products helps with this. They will not only ensure the health and safety of employees but also excellent work.

3 – Collect the waste

In any environment, there is the generation of solid waste. Therefore, a condominium must also have the structure prepared to carry out this collection. For good cleaning and building conservation, it is important to have trash cans in strategic places. Environmental awareness and education among tenants should also be worked on, encouraging people to dispose of their waste in the correct place. A practice to be encouraged in buildings, for example, is a selective collection. Place specific trash cans for each type of waste on the premises of the building.

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