How to maintain an organized cleaning routine in the office?

organized cleaning
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Keeping the office clean, with a proper cleaning routine, is essential for the well-being of these spaces. An organized and hygienic environment causes a pleasant feeling to those who inhabit it. For a business environment, it also helps reduce stress and increases employee productivity. Therefore, this routine needs to be done by those who understand the subject. Thinking about it, SCS Group Cleaning Solution  gathered 4 tips for an organized cleaning routine. Check out!

Carrying out an office cleaning program is very important, as it has been shown that keeping order of the tasks to be carried out makes the work of cleaning professionals, such as those who make up the Cleaning team, even more effective.

In addition, the organization of work helps keep offices disinfected and clean for longer, and gives priority to tasks that require greater performance.

Another of the advantages to highlight are the benefits that it provides to employees since they will be able to work in a clean and orderly environment on a daily basis, without the inconvenience of dust, bad odors, a dirty floor, the appearance of insects, or spread of diseases such as covid19, a worrying fact for which there are specific disinfection services , such as ozone cleaning, which in addition to health, ensure disinfection and safety for employees.

What are the best tips for an organized cleaning routine?

1 – Set up a cleaning schedule

The first thing to do is structure a cleaning schedule . There’s no need to clean the same spot multiple times, and a schedule helps your cleaning routine be more efficient. From this, it is possible to separate which environments will be visited daily and weekly. Some of these everyday spaces include:

  • bathrooms;
  • kitchen;
  • entrance halls;
  • tables and appliances for daily use.

As for the spaces that should be visited weekly:

  • runners;
  • stairs and elevators;
  • garage or parking;
  • windows, doors and gates;
  • party halls.

2 – Remove dirt as soon as possible

This is an ignored topic when talking about a cleaning routine, but it is fundamental. It is important that the hired team, in addition to carrying out the cleaning in an excellent manner, also values ​​their conversation. In addition, it is important to ensure that the office staff themselves follow this rule , along with the cleaning staff. The accumulation of dirt can mainly harm allergic people and generate bad smell.

3 – Write down the cleaning needs in your office

Not every environment needs constant cleaning. If a cleaning schedule has been done carefully, it’s good to make a checklist . This will have all the necessary information for the service to be fully provided, such as days, places, times and materials. Thus, it will be possible to understand what your needs are and not to spend on materials, for no reason.

4 – Outsource the cleaning service

To bypass all the bureaucracy related to hiring, contacting a third-party company for this type of service is a great option. They offer trained and experienced professionals at affordable costs. The contracting company will not bear the hiring risks and will concentrate on its business. Cleaning will be in the hands of an expert company in the area.

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