How to keep the condominium organized and clean?

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How to keep the condominium organized and clean? Taking care of the organization and cleanliness of a condominium can be a laborious task. The manager or the person who takes care of this area of ​​the building needs a profile that goes beyond leadership. But also proactivity and organization. Managing the status of a site as large as a condominium can be challenging. There are some tips that SCS Group Cleaning Solution   can offer so you don’t have problems keeping the condo clean. Check it out in this article!

4 tips to follow and ensure the organization and cleanliness of your condo

1- Create a building cleaning schedule 

Whether it’s a large or small building, it has many areas to clean. Therefore, there is great importance in organizing the whole process. Thus, the first step is to define each area of ​​the building and condominium that needs cleaning. We need to define which are the areas in common with all and which are the most frequented areas. Having this very clear will help define how often each place should be cleaned. 

In a good organization and cleaning schedule, places that need weekly cleaning, others monthly, should be included. An example is the entrance hall. It is excellent to regularly clean this area because it is used frequently and hosts people. At least once a week, ideally speaking.

Cleaning windows, doors and some other areas we can do the cleaning every fourth night. And once in a while, it’s ideal to do a more “heavy” and efficient monthly cleaning.

2- Carry out the organization and cleaning at less “peak” times

To help schedule activities, it’s best to define the best times for each activity. This organization is great so that we can do the cleaning in the best possible way. That way, we don’t disturb the residents and cleaning will go more smoothly.

Therefore, it is important to observe which are the peak hours and with a greater circulation of people in the building.

3- Know how to choose the right products

One of the biggest expenses of a building cleaning is cleaning products. So, always look for neutral products that don’t have a very strong fragrance. You never know how many allergic people may reside in the condominium. Organizing the right products will ensure there is less worry.

Take care to choose products that are efficient but not harmful to your health.

4- Outsource the service to companies specialized in organization and cleaning

One of the best ways to optimize and save on building cleaning is to hire a third-party service. In addition to facilitating bureaucracy, with outsourcing, there are guarantees made by a professional company that understands and knows how to provide a quality service.

Meet SCS Group Cleaning Solution!

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If you want help to increase the organization and cleanliness of your condo, get in touch. Schedule a qualified cleaning, contact us!

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