How to ensure the cleanliness of external areas in condominiums

Cleaning external areas
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Cleaning external areas in condominiums is a matter that deserves your full attention. After all, these are places where people and animals pass daily. Therefore, these clean and sanitized spaces are essential to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, and even viruses.

In addition, maintaining a good presentation contributes to the preservation of the building and to the development’s appreciation. If you want to learn how to ensure the cleanliness of external areas in condominiums, read our full post right now!

How to ensure the cleanliness of external areas in condominiums?


One of the first external environments that come to mind when we talk about external areas in condominiums is the garden, do you agree? The green areas, besides contributing to the environment, beautify the patio, leaving the air renewed.

So hire a gardening service: these professionals know exactly the right time to plant seedlings, prune trees and cut the grass.

Plus, they know the ideal treatments for fungus and pests — keeping your garden totally healthy and free of traditional weeds.

Central entrance

The central entrance needs to be cleaned and organized daily. Objects in common use need to be constantly sanitized to prevent the proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

Invest in furniture and foliage that create a more cozy environment. However, you can’t have dust on the furniture and dirt on the floor.

Therefore, be very careful, especially on rainy days, when people usually enter with dripping umbrellas. One idea is to keep a packer at the reception — this prevents the floor from getting wet and is marked by footprints.


Garages are also considered external areas in condominiums. Therefore, let the tenants know what they can have in their individual boxes — the visual standard is always very important both for the organization and for the development’s appreciation.

Usually, garages accumulate a lot of dirt and mess. Therefore, invest in heavy cleaning (brushing the floor, washing the windows and ceiling) at least once a week.


As staircases accumulate a lot of dirt, it is essential to do a light daily cleaning. For this, a broom or a vacuum cleaner is enough. Afterward, wipe with a damp cloth with a specific product for the floor material.

Weekly, invest in a heavier cleaning: besides the broom and the cloth, use a brush to remove shoe marks from the floor and dead insect stains that always accumulate.

In addition, it is essential to pass a broom to remove the cobwebs that are in the corners of the ceiling. If you have windows or glass blocks, you need to clean them with specific products.


A clean pool is synonymous with safety. Therefore, she needs special daily treatment. Using specific products:

  • brush the pool walls;
  • use a sieve to remove waste;
  • vacuum the dirt deposited at the bottom;
  • filter impurities from water;
  • use the proper chemical treatment;
  • use a protective cover to prevent dirt from accumulating.

Keeping the cleanliness of external areas in condominiums up to date is an extremely important attitude. This environment is for common use by residents; therefore, it needs to be conserved and organized. This contributes to the appreciation of the development and guarantees perfect external areas in condominiums.

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