How fabric packaging works in current scenario 

fabric packaging

The internet shopping revolution’s rise has given product branding and marketing new dimensions. Customer expectations for a positive shopping experience are at an all-time high. 

Around $150 billion is spent by manufacturers worldwide on only product packaging. The proliferation of small and medium-sized stores has radically changed the basic notion of packaging. But now the picture is changing as per the demand for source fabric could imply.

For merchants of textile and clothing, the packaging of the goods is just as important as the goods themselves. Consumer pleasure is essential to creating a brand, and product presentation is crucial for creating a “feel good factor” and guaranteeing client retention.

Fabric packaging play

  • Those who get the product in premium packaging are 52% more likely to repurchase it.
  • 90% of buyers must utilize the bags and boxes used for packing after making a purchase.
  • Businesses who concentrate on product package design allegedly see a 30% boost in the number of customers.
  • Consumers between the ages of 18 and 25 account for 74% of those who share product package images on social media.
  • These figures provide convincing evidence that product packaging is essential right now, and merchants must recognise this fact immediately if they hope to build their brands and generate sales. 

Since the start of the dotcom revolution, the garment and textile industries have been dealing with various difficulties. Among them are:

Benefit of consumerism

It is now difficult for shops to keep up with shifting fashion trends and stay one step ahead of their rivals since consumers are so strong nowadays and have so many alternatives.

Amazon impact

The traditional business paradigm of purchasing and selling has changed as a result of the digital revolution. Brick and mortar stores are a thing of the past, and companies like Amazon have dominated the online industry by providing a wide range of goods and first-rate shipping services. In turn, buyers anticipate the same problem-free buying experience with every supplier. The Amazon Effect had a major impact on the apparel business, with Amazon performing very well in the apparel and garment area.

Inventory management

Another difficulty the garment sector faces is inventory management. Rapid changes in fashion trends force modifications in product branding, and even the product’s packaging needs to be reviewed. 

Hence, garment packaging is a phenomenon that will continue to exist. You must research the numerous packaging alternatives if you want to keep customers.

For all of your packaging needs, offers a one-stop shop. We target small and medium-sized businesses, providing them with specially designed screen-printed packaging that is ideal for the clothing and apparel sector.

Products of printed fabric for packaging 

Screen printed fabric printing is widely usable in fabric packaging. Further, these fabrics come in various shades and designs such as green, blue, and yellow. Further, companies even can customize it as per the brand logo and patterns. 

Courier bags 

Various kinds of courier bags are also highly usable in the packaging industry. Also, these fabric packaging bags have features like spaces for billing information and return orders. Such packets are highly suitable for lightweight packaging like garment and apparel. You can choose to customize the fabric as per your brand image.

D-cut carry bags 

These fabric packaging are usually applicable due to their capacity to insert a lot of stuff while carrying it very easily. You can go for such fabric bags on a daily basis. Designing such bags is very easy and does not require a lot of creativity. Also, it is dominantly usable in the clothing and garment sector. 

Bottom line

From the above article, you are very clear about what sustainable fabric packaging is and how fabric plays a role in making packaging interesting. Further, fabric packages allow strength and flexibility in comparison to poly bags. Also, companies now allow wholesale fabrics quantity to prepare such packaging and carry bags. If you love to craft something like this, you can source fabric from the fabriclore. Also, we have a team of textile experts that would create and customize an unique design to match the level of your requirements. Here you can explore an unlimited number of fabrics with a blend of design. Our tech driven order management system would make textile sourcing easy and smooth. 

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