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The COVID-19 pandemic sped up the importance of the disinfection service in environments with a large circulation of people. Viruses and bacteria can settle in a certain place and infect several individuals. And a propitious place for this event is the faculties. Where several people transit in corridors, rooms, and laboratories, among other places. Check with SCS Group Integrated Services about the importance of the disinfection service for Universities and Colleges in general. Keep reading!

Why have the disinfection service in colleges? How important?

The importance of the disinfection service in colleges is directly linked to the health of students. Since fighting germs, bacteria, and viruses has to be a serious agenda for deans and directors. The hygiene and disinfection of environments ensure the well-being and safety of all. Universities need to bring security to students. There are students who spend most of the day inside this student space. Therefore, to ensure a sanitized and virus-free place, it is necessary to carry out the disinfection service

. Finally, for greater management, it is crucial to understand the places within the faculty that most need this type of service. Do you know what they are? See below!

Places within the college that need the disinfection service!

1- Auditorium

A university auditorium is a place where many people circulate. For presentations, graduations, lectures, and courses, among other projects. This environment needs to be sanitized between one event and another. We are not talking about a few people in the place. It has auditoriums with a capacity for up to 300 people. Thus, it is essential that hygiene be surgical in these places.

2- Theater

The theater is another place that demands a good disinfection service. With the presentations on-site, several guests will honor the students. Contact is direct between several people on site. With that, you need to have a hygiene system to ensure everyone’s well-being. It is important that even before the performance; the theater is clean and sanitized.

3- Laboratory

With the return of face-to-face classes, health laboratories have become coveted places for students. After all, who doesn’t love a hands-on class? As it is a specific place for courses such as biomedicine, medicine, nursing, and dentistry, among others, it also needs to be disinfected.

4- Studios

Audiovisual studios and courses aimed at social communication have equipment that is constantly shared among students. For example, cameras, lights, screens, and microphones, among other items. Because of this, with the change of class, the disinfection service must be carried out in space. The University, together with the outsourced company responsible for cleaning, needs to set up a cleaning schedule. To generate security for students of all graduation shifts.

5- Industrial kitchens

Finally, we mention industrial kitchens. Gastronomy and nutrition courses use this place a lot. There they learn in practice what the routine of a kitchen of great chefs is. And an important point is cleanliness. Most colleges teach their students the importance of cleaning up everything they’ve used after completing the recipe. To make the environment as clean as possible. But even with this great help from the graduates, it is still necessary to clean the place.

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