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Brochures In the corporate world, there are several important tools that are stationary-related, such as brochures. They serve as a practical and affordable tool for information dissemination. They are among the pieces of marketing stationery that are currently used the most because of this.

Also, at imkova we have extensive experience in printing personalized brochures. Whether it is a tourist brochure or an advertising brochure, this experience is what allows us to devise the most creative designs with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Discover in this article the advantages of using personalized brochures to execute your business marketing and branding strategies.

What Brochure?

A brochure is an article usually printed on paper, which is made up of a low number of sheets and can be used for informational or commercial (advertising) purposes. Within the spectrum that encompasses marketing, brochures are considered a form of direct connection and a simple tool through which a brand or company can be promoted.

The main goal of business Brochures and Stationaries is to convey information about a company, product, event, or service. The content of an information brochure will depend on the wishes of the person responsible for its creation. This is why it is so simple to use it to enhance the marketing strategies used in your company.

It also favors the authority of the brand, as it helps the company to have greater influence and have another means through which to promote its brand identity: values, philosophy, products, and services… The possibilities are very varied!

Many people seem to ignore it, but brochures are elements that can contribute in many ways to your company. Such a simple, yet powerful element cannot go unnoticed. These are some of the benefits of innovative brochures.

  • They allow the development of any kind of design with which it is possible to communicate how much value the brand has or information about the benefits of its products and services.
  • They can connect directly with the public in an easy way.
  • It helps to spread our brand or product economically and quickly.
  • They can be distributed to customers in many different ways: in person, by mail, at points of sale, etc.
  • It is possible to represent it as a tri-fold brochure, bi-fold brochure, quad-fold brochure, and other forms.

Still, designing a brochure has its basic guidelines. Not everyone can create a brochure that achieves the desired impact on consumers, for this reason, it is necessary to meet minimum requirements, in this way we guarantee that these printed tools deliver all the benefits they offer.

Create an effective strategy.

It is essential to know who the brochure is intended for and what we are going to use it for. As we mentioned before, this form can advertise events, companies, products, and services. In addition, the way of distribution is also a fundamental element when implementing a strategy with brochures. Likewise, the target audience is also a fundamental piece, since that is where we will get the content, design, typography, and dimensions. Not all designs are for all campaigns, so we must fully understand the needs of our company to help meet them through the brochure.  

Choose the most suitable format.

Do you already know what you will do with the brochure? Excellent! Now you need to define the layout. When printing it, it is important to take into account the measurements, folds, and final finish in the contour of the print. If the brochure is tall, it will probably stand out, although it will be less practical because it is not digital. Also, it should not contain more than four colors. Some turn to die-cut brochures to stand out more. In short: The format has to be ideal for what you want to transmit.

The materials also influence.

It is unpleasant to have a brochure and after ten minutes it has already crumpled up in your wallet, or even in your hand. This is why we recommend using thick paper, in this way wrinkles are avoided and, in addition, it gives an air of professionalism to our design, which will probably stand out if we implement the strategies well. Whether we want brochures for evangelism or for restaurants, the quality of the material is essential.

Consistent and timely information.

The content of the brochure must be punctual because if it contains elements that are tedious for the consumer to read, they will end up discarding it quickly. It is important to know in advance what we want to transmit in order to adapt the content to these wishes, if the information that we capture is not in accordance with the values ​​of our company or the objectives of our commercial strategies, it will probably be as if you were wasting all the money and time that you invest.

More graphic, more readable.

Resorting to graphics and images will make our brochure easier to read, as it will make it more digestible. This is where the importance of having a professional design, with sharp prints and top quality lies. It can be tricky to fit graphics into a brochure without making it look cluttered.

We design the most versatile brochures adapted to your company.

At Imkova we have a highly specialized team that can carry out any kind of design. We are experts in the design of:

  • Online brochures.
  • Creative flyers.
  • Bilingual? Brochures in English.
  • Brochures in Word.
  • Explore with our Tourism Brochures.
  • Inspire excitement with our Minimalist Brochures.
  • Hotel brochures.
  • Expand your brand with Advertising Brochures.
  • tourist brochures
  • We unleash creativity with Brochures in Publisher.
  • Gastronomic brochures.
  • Flyers for events.
  • And all the designs you need.

Trust Imkova, the number 1 marketing agency in Chile, and increase your company’s profits to impressive levels. We have 100% trained personnel, who carry out each job as if it were their own company, adapted to the needs of your brand.

This is why we provide a first-class service, in which the premise is constant communication. In this way, we make sure to deliver a job that leaves you satisfied.

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