Corporate cleaning: see the importance and conservation tips!

corporate cleaning
Cleaning staff composed of men and women of Latino ethnicity between the ages of 20-30 are cleaning the building to avoid the risk of contagion by COVID-19

Did you know that an organized and comfortable work environment improves employee productivity? In addition, corporate cleaning provides a pleasant and pleasant environment for your company’s customers or investors. Therefore, as much as the activities carried out in the company, hygiene also needs to be professional. With that in mind, SCS Group Cleaning Solution prepared content on the importance of business cleaning to promote health and well-being in the workplace. Interested? Read on!

Corporate cleaning: see 10 benefits!

In addition to promoting a pleasant climate in the office, store, or industry, cleaning also contributes to the well-being of employees.

SCS Group Cleaning Solution has listed all the other benefits of a well-done corporate cleaning below. Check out:

  1. optimizes the delivery of results;
  2. creates a hygiene discipline within the institution;
  3. improves the relationship between employees;
  4. builds confidence in investors and customers;
  5. promotes organization and becomes a competitive differential for the company;
  6. reduces the risk of accidents at work;
  7. assists in time management between activities;
  8. proper cleaning and conservation reduce damage to the environment;
  9. reduces the contamination of Covid-19 – if your business is an essential service;
  10. reduces the internal cost of the company in view of the option of outsourcing.

In addition, a corporate cleaning carried out with good frequency indirectly stimulates the attitudes of employees. They have a perception of what can be improved in terms of the organization. For example, notices with basic cleaning rules spread around the company encourage workers to keep the environment always well-sanitized.

What does the lack of corporate cleanliness cause in the work environment?

Considering the benefits of the importance of cleaning and conservation, check below what the lack of corporate cleaning can cause in the workplace and in the mental health of workers:

  • drop in productivity;
  • respiratory diseases due to the accumulation of dust ;
  • reduction of the useful life of equipment and materials;
  • decrease in the product’s value/service offered by the company;
  • feeling discouraged in the collaborative environment.

How to organize an efficient corporate cleaning in 4 steps!

1- Check the needs of your company

First, to carry out an effective corporate cleaning service, you need to understand your company’s needs. In this sense, we have separated them into topics for a better understanding of the cleaning demands that your business needs according to the segment. Look:

  • General cleaning: it is recognized as the most basic. The professional who performs it dusts the Furniture sweeps the environment and uses products to make the smell more pleasant, among other tasks;
  • Light cleaning: needs the administration of chemical products, such as bleach and solvents, aiming at complete hygiene. Therefore, light cleaning avoids contamination. In doctors’ offices and restaurants, it should be performed every day;
  • Heavy cleaning: it is even stronger than light cleaning. It is known as sterilization. It seeks to leave all environments 100% free of contaminating agents, such as viruses and bacteria.

Be sure to identify times when there is less flow of people to carry out corporate cleaning — thus avoiding the risk of accidents, such as slipping in wet environments.

2- Establish a schedule

For efficient corporate cleaning, it is necessary to define a framework with daily, weekly, monthly, and half-yearly activities. See a suggestion for the frequency of cleaning and conservation of SCS Group Cleaning Solution :

Environments that must be cleaned daily: 

  • bathrooms;
  • entrance/reception;
  • kitchen/dining rooms;
  • meeting rooms and offices;
  • elevators — because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the constant access of people.

Can be cleaned weekly: 

  • glass, windows, and doors;
  • runners;
  • machine or file rooms;
  • walls.

Environments that can be cleaned monthly: 

  • high and hard-to-reach places;
  • emergency stairs;
  • external windows;
  • garage.

Locations that can be cleaned semi-annually:

  • water tanks;
  • pipes;
  • facades.

3- Use quality equipment and products

Our third cleaning and conservation tip is to purchase good quality supplies and PPE for employees. This includes uniforms, gloves, aprons, and boots. In addition, it is necessary to verify that the cleaning products are purchased. In addition, another recommendation is to separate garbage cans between recyclable and organic. This action facilitates the collection service and reduces risks to the environment.

4- Hire a good outsourced company

The advantage of choosing an outsourcing company for corporate cleaning is the reduction of bureaucracy in hiring. This is because the outsourcing of services already has specialized and qualified professionals for the workforce. In this sense, choose a cleaning and disinfection company and ensure the well-being of your business.

Bonus: Post-construction cleaning

There is a specific post-work cleaning method in SP by SCS Group Cleaning Solution. Our technique is effective, as it inspects the entire site and removes all residues (grout, paint scraps, debris, and others) properly. We observe the disposal management of these items so that it is done under the rules.

For this reason, we believe that hiring this service can help you in the completion stage of large or small works!

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