Building cleaning: greater care and how to maintain excellence?

Building cleaning
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Building cleaning: greater care and how to maintain excellence?

Building cleaning ranges from large industrial sheds to small condominiums, all need cleanliness and hygiene in the environments, and the best, the cleaner the place, the better the working conditions, productivity, or leisure. School.

From here, it is already concluded that hiring a building cleaning company can be a good option because it will be, a priori, able to perform and maintain excellent services according to the needs of each location and type of enterprise.

However, this does not mean that (own) organic cleaning does not bring excellent results, the difference is that in this case, we are talking about an extra managerial workload, not always available and is even more expensive, it is a case to consider…

Anyway, here are some links that may facilitate the management of this service, which, strictly speaking, must be of high quality and invisible – everything is always there, cleanliness always available to users.

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You will find in this article:

  • The building cleaning and the success of this project
  • How to clean a condo?
  • Business Cleaning: Have an Easy Routine
  • How to evaluate the quality of the building cleaning service?
  • What are the areas of the greatest care in building cleaning?
  • Outsourcing services: after all, what is the economic benefit?
  • Iron Group building cleaning services

The building cleaning and the success of this project

I will try to get straight to the point in a subject so vast and full of details, we start from the principle that, if we talk about conservation and building cleaning, we are talking about the details of the place so that success is achieved in the excellence of the quality and well-being of the users.

Satisfied users imply a low rate of complaints!

 Tip: In this link, you can find great practical material on providing cleaning services for buildings and other facilities, I think it can help: Hiring outsourced services – Complete guide: checklist, tips, data and useful graphics

And so, from floor to ceiling, from doors to windows, the work is done with special techniques and resources to ensure good hygiene.

Building cleaning essentially takes care of the everyday life of the premises, that is, daily and periodic cleaning according to environments and quality requirements, but remember that there is also the option of external building cleaning.

Also, building cleaning has specific techniques, tools, materials, and equipment suitable for each location, surface, and demand.

In summary, for all of this to happen, a building cleaning company or the cleaning service itself must have trained professionals, supervision, and support present, besides regular training.

We will deal with the specifics of cleaning and building conservation from now on and I see that the fastest way to cover the subject if it fits like Lego to your need, will be to give you some flashes of our most complete posts on the subject.

Talking about building cleaning, conservation and cleaning, cleaning services, etc. is talking about the same topic, let’s go to them?!

How to clean a condo?

In building cleaning in large and diverse spaces, methods and procedures are needed that guarantee not only the result but also the agility, nothing can be complicated, so careful planning and the logistics of steps to have an efficient and high-quality routine is important.

Enforcing the procedures of daily, weekly, and other routines, besides supporting the building cleaning team, is a positive way of getting cleaning services done in practice.

I think it’s important to always keep in mind the major tips for cleaning buildings in condominiums, that is, to know what is really needed to be more efficient in your service routine.

Business Cleaning: Have an Easy Routine

It is not possible to talk about strategy in building cleaning without talking about consistency and planning of routine services enforcing defines the result. Consider some corporate cleaning tips to make sure nothing goes wrong, in this case, we are talking about:

  • Cleaning schedules;
  • Choose good cleaning products and materials;
  • The importance of the cleaning requirement
  • How to handle or manage building cleaning, and more.

The building cleaning strategy in a company or office begins by tracing a technical profile of the services needed for the demands, schedules, user traffic, emergency care, etc. finally, determine what will be done daily, every 3 days, 1 x a week, or every 15 days.

How to evaluate the quality of the building cleaning service?

Outsourced or organic cleaning and conservation, it doesn’t matter; it requires the evaluation of the results, correction and effective solutions to the problems, and also, continuous improvement – ​​this is fundamental – otherwise, we will just skate in the occurrences.

The cleaning and conservation company must be constantly evaluated, and the result of the service must be put in check, but how to do this practically?

Have your own checklist for your own evaluation, one that works for your business and not just the “comfortable” one for the cleaning company, it must meet the sensitive points of the organization or condominium, we provide a complete checklist here.

What are the areas of the greatest care in building cleaning?

The areas that involve cleaning floors, cleaning at even the lowest heights, and the risk of slippery floors will require extra care because here it is not just the item of building cleaning services that count, but the preservation of life and well-being of all the users.

How important this subject is, dangers, risks, prevention, and care cannot be lacking in cleaning and building conservation, here the human element is at risk, more than assets, labor lawsuits, and other expenses that can burden the company or condominium unexpectedly.

Occupational Health and Safety has a lot to help with here, in practice care is simple.

But that, daily, we end up not supervising or worse, not investing in:

  • A pair of quality nitrile gloves;
  • In signage for users;
  • In awareness and prevention, training focused on hazards and risks;
  • PPEs and EPCs will solve almost all of this demand.

Outsourcing services: after all, what is the economic benefit?

How to increase your profit margins with a cleaning company?

Let’s go to the basics, it employs specialized labor and operates in its business with a targeted focus, making it possible to improve the quality of cleaning services, disentangling internal employees that are more expensive and more valuable to the business, thus increasing profit margins and taking the company to the next level. gradual growth.

In this way, efforts and energies in the business will be in the planning, strategy, and execution of its core businessManaging secondary activities takes time and resources, and time is money.

But, how to measure the financial savings with outsourcing services? It delivers a number of lucrative benefits and contracted activities that are unlikely to be available within the company.

However, it is possible to achieve even better results in building cleaning with the expertise of a facilities company with ISO 9001 Certification.

Iron Group building cleaning services

The services provided in SCS Group Integrated Services building cleaning are a reference in the market for the high level of customer satisfaction, excellence in quality, the constant presence of supervision, and work management. We have been delivering facilities and property maintenance and cleaning services for 15 years.

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