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Forbes magazine predicts that pay-per-click (PPC) ad sales will reach at least $8 billion by 2008.

A good pay-per-click ad program relies on three fundamental core components: ongoing monitoring, analysis, and refinement.

Pay-per-click search engines allow you to pay for top search result placement for any term you choose. With good management and a clear focus, pay-per-click search engines offer cost-effective and well-targeted online advertising.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo prominently display ads for pay-per-click PPC advertising on their results pages. The highest bidder for a given term or phrase typically gets the top spot, and the top three to five bidders may also appear in the top spot on the organic search results page, depending on the search engine.

While creating a pay per click search engine strategy, it is important to consider the following fundamental issues:

In what situations does bidding for a second or third place position result in a more enticing return on investment (ROI), and when is the highest pay per click bid necessary for the highest conversion?

prevent your PPC bids from sabotaging the search results from other non-pay per click search engines?

How much of your pay-per-click budget should each search engine receive?

Which works better for your specific product or service, Google AdWords or Overture? Or maybe neither of them are suitable in terms of return on investment (ROI).

Focusing on determining high-converting search phrases, removing ineffective ones, and maximizing return on investment are essential in pay-per-click advertising.

Each click on your ad deducts the current bid amount from your account. This pricing structure is action-driven. Pay per click provides a high level of confidence that the right people are seeing your advertisement.

Campaigns that pay for each click, however, are not flawless. Without continuous monitoring, you risk overspending on ineffective advertising or losing ground in bidding battles.

PPC advertising can contribute to site success under tight supervision and complete understanding of each search engine’s peculiarities.

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