After-party cleaning: practical tips and tricks

After-party cleaning
Young man tidying up living room after party

After-party cleaning: practical tips and tricks. After a little house party, does it seem like a battalion has passed and brought chaos? Want tips that will help you when cleaning after the party? Check out what we have in store for you!

Celebration, fireworks, laughter, food and drinks, and in the end, after the last survivor leaves, your house looks like it was the scene of an epic battle between universes.

Already feeling pain and suffering? You don’t need to despair, because we’ve separated some precious tips to help you clean up after the party. Check it out here, below!

Before the party is over

Before the curtains close, there are some preparations that will help you with the post-party cleanup.

Tools for everyone to master

To make cleaning easier, give priority to using disposable utensils, as this change will save time managing the mountain of dirty dishes.

And there’s no point in coming up with the excuse that disposables won’t match the improvised decoration at the last minute, because nowadays there’s a wide variety on the market and even some that imitate porcelain pieces.

Food and beverage logistics

Also, don’t leave food on the table forever to where people think the table has become a restaurant showcase. To avoid wastage and/or some food spoiling or receiving the visit of an insect, collect all the dishes after the people finish eating and store them properly in the fridge. Do the same thing after serving dessert.

Unexpected and unexplained spills

Leave a paper towel roll in strategic places in your home, especially near the table and sofa. This will remove the excess content that was spilled and make your life easier later.

Especially because you never know when someone will decide to drink something, which is usually the liquid that will produce the most artistic Pollock-style stain on your sofa and ends up activating Murphy’s law.

Also, leave wastebaskets in strategic places, so you won’t find a glass lost behind your television.

The long-awaited after-party cleaning

If you follow our professional cleaning tips above, your life has already become “a little” calmer. And you don’t have to turn your house upside down to clean everything up and wake up the neighborhood at 3 am.

Is it divide and conquer, or not?

If you have someone to help you or even your family, now is the time for the famous “divide and conquer”. Each one is responsible for a portion of the cleaning, be it washing the dishes, cleaning the table, etc. And, when you realize, everything will be, at least a part, in its proper place and everything will throw itself in its determined beds.

But, if there is no possibility of a division of tasks or the responsibility for cleaning is yours alone, give priority to the place where the situation is more chaotic and do at least a minimal organization of the other rooms to help yourself in the future.

The moment of soaking dishes

Soak the dishes that have been used in water and soap, this will help the grease come off the items and prevent the appearance of certain bizarre bugs.

The most feared villain: the bathroom

No need to turn your bathroom into a department store showcase, that battle will be the next day. But, before merging his body to his bed, he looks at the situation in the bathroom and at least collects the garbage bag. Thus, you will avoid alien smells the next day.

And, to help you make your bathroom shine, check out our tips to help you clean your bathroom here. By the way, look at our blog, because we have several contents that will help you in different cleaning situations.

Ready! House clean and ready for another party, meeting with friends or even watching the final of a certain football championship.

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